Since our inception, Silvey Sports
has been totally focused on its clients needs. 

Founded in 2012 and based in the UK, Silvey Sports is a full service sports marketing consultancy. We provide experts on a global basis with a number of leading brands, agencies and rights holders. 

We have a deep passion for sport and the business that drives commercial success within it. 

Tim Silvey
From the Founder

From day one, the business was structured to be agile. Our foundations were built on being lean. Our point of difference was to create Account Teams that were completely bespoke to the clients needs. Our small, but expert consultancy network has allowed us to scale up and down to suit industry requirements. At London's 2012 Olympics, we had 50 staff for a year contract, for Waha Capital's activation around the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, we scale down an Account Team of 5 with specialist Formula One knowledge. This allows us to provide cost effect solutions to our clients, alongside strategically selected team members to maximize delivery.